K&C International Holding Ltd.


K&C International Holding Ltd. is invested by the Smart Foods Holding Co., Ltd.  the company involves in import and export trade, international logistics, cold chain warehousing and other functions. It is relying on the advantage of information, logistics, foreign trade as well as the abundant capital strength. The company committed to bring the no pollution, high quality and the original ecology of the various marine areas which around the world seafoods to China, and bring delicious and healthy to people's home. K&C International Holding Ltd. established long-term strategic cooperative relations with Chile, Argentina, Canada, New Zealand and other major countries of origin, imports salmon, Patagonian toothfish, red shrimp, king crab, green-shell mussel, etc. Domestic headquarters is located in the beautiful city of China, Shanghai. Taking the famous frozen goods base, Shanghai is the center of China, connecting to Beijing, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing and other major cities, to make wholesale import of large quantities of imported seafoods. The company's core enterprise culture is that based on honesty, manage scientifically, careful operation, quality first, brand innovation and strive to achieve social and economic benefits of a win-win situation.