When will seafood from China's processing plants hit the shelves?

2018-01-02 14:14:29
Near the port of kaliningrad in Russia, Portovy, a store specialising in fish sales, has opened its doors.
The creation of fish franchises is the result of efforts by the Russian ministry of agriculture and the management of the port of kaliningrad. At present, the products cover iced fresh herring, salmon, etc., mainly from fishing boats and local processing enterprises in kaliningrad port.
It is a strange phenomenon in this city that the fish shop is located in kaliningrad. Although it is a port city in central Russia, it is difficult for residents of this city to buy cheap fish. So here, seafood products have a lot of market space, and consumption demand is relatively high. Therefore, the store's biggest advantage is the price, which is directly connected with the fishing boat and the factory, which saves the middle distribution and ensures the low price of the products.
The head of the store said that while the current and local seafood processing companies were being sold to sell local fishing boats, the future would include products from the far east and the northern basin.
Speaking of kaliningrad, Chinese exporters to Russia should be familiar. As one of the largest port in central Russia, kaliningrad to become the world's seafood into one of the important channels of Russia, and its excellent geographical location can radiation to Moscow and other cities. Chinese seafood exports to Russia most of the pollock fish fillets, tilapia, cooked shrimp and squid tubes and other products are from here to market.
Is the first fish shop near the port open now, far from the presence of a massive Marine specialty store? This could provide a new direction for China's seafood exporters.