Norwegian seafood export January: arctic cod pilot, the amount of mackerel has plunged by 20%.

2018-02-07 13:57:36
In January, Norway's arctic cod and other white meat fish increased in value, while salmon sales remained stable, according to the Norwegian seafood bureau.
According to statistics, in January of this year, Norway exported 198,000 tons of seafood, a total of 7.7 billion kronor, up 13% and 2%, respectively. Asbjorn Warvik Rortveit, director of market research at the Norwegian seafood bureau, said the export of white meat fish was a major growth point. "Exports to the eu are growing strongly in terms of volume, particularly in France," he said. It also exports more salmon to China than it did last January.
1. The growth point of arctic cod and white meat fish.
From fishing, benefit from the good weather conditions, the arctic cod in January and other white fish catch is relatively high, prices fell slightly compared with the January last year, but some higher than the average price of 2017, especially the arctic cod and hake, at the same time, production is higher, so the situation is optimistic in January.
In January, frozen arctic cod exported 5,700 tons, while exports totaled 232 million kronor, up 37 percent and 26 percent, respectively. Frozen arctic cod exported 7,900 tons, down 9%, and exports 273 million kroner, up 3%. The export of salted fish was 1, 000 tons, up 12 percent, a total of 47 million kronor, with a slight variation, and Spain and Greece were major markets.
In addition, dried fish and chilled white meat fish sales and sales growth. In January, the export volume of dried fish reached 9,600 tons, a year-on-year increase of 9%. Exports were 418 million kroner, up 14 percent year on year. Brazil is the largest market, with a total of 238 million kronor.
2. The salmon export remains stable.
In January, Norwegian salmon exports 85,400 tons, up 23% year on year, with a total of 5.1 billion kronor. The average price of chilled salmon was reduced from 72.02 kroner to 57.10 kroner per kilogram. Poland, France and Denmark are the biggest export markets. Exports to China are also growing.
In January, the export of rainbow trout reached 3,200 tons, up 28% from a year earlier, with a total of 207 million kronor, up 7% from a year earlier. The United States, China and Canada are the major markets.
3. The export of herring rose and the mackerel was lower.
In January Norway's exports of herring, which were 33, 500 tonnes, rose by 33 per cent to 322 million kronor, up 9 per cent year on year. Germany and Lithuania are major markets. The exports of mackerel were 198,800 tons, totaling 244 million kroner, and the amount was down by 20%. Korea, Turkey and China were the top three markets.
4. Arctic shrimp export increased, king crab lower.
In January, Norway exported 671 tonnes of arctic shrimp, up 16 per cent year on year to 53m kronor. Year-on-year increases of 24 per cent, Sweden and the UK were the main markets. On the contrary, the export volume and total amount of king crab decreased. In January, Norway exported 179 tons of king crab, a total of 52 million kronor, down 33 percent and 28 percent respectively, while South Korea and the United States were major markets.