The total catch of squid in Argentina is nearly 100 tons. What will happen next year?

2018-02-24 10:14:33
According to the national fisheries research center (INIDEP), the squid season started well this year and harvested 22,000 tonnes in the first three weeks.
According to a technical report from INIDEP, on January 10 solstice31, the fishing trawler captured 21,906 tons of Argentine squid, with an average daily output of about 35 tons.
Pescare reports, these information from Argentina sea 47 ship boats fishing report every week, many vessels are close to the south, near the 44 ° S fish in the second place, this quarter if ocean temperatures remain at current levels, expected can maintain the average catch of single ship 35 tons.
Like fishing boats, this year's trawlers are catching up.
In addition, fishing reports indicate that the squid specifications S and SS are still in the majority, and of course there are some M specifications.
In 2017, the total catch in Argentina is 98,965.5 tons, and the Chinese fishing boats catch 86,498.5 tons and the trawlers catch 10,374.7 tons.