A ban on shrimp fishing in Ecuador has begun in 2018.

2018-02-24 10:19:19
It is reported that the titi shrimp fishing ban in the Ecuadorian waters began to take effect on February 15.
The measure was established by the Ecuadorian aquaculture and fisheries department in accordance with the scientific report submitted by the national fisheries research institute (INP) and through a ministerial agreement.
On March 31, every year, on the 31st of march, Ecuador will implement the fisheries management regulations to ban the fishing, transportation and commercial activities of the titi shrimp. The ban applies to all trawling vessels.
The country's fishery resources control department director Jorge Villavicencio, points out that titi shrimp is a kind of high commercial interests of varieties, mainly exported to the United States and the European Union and other international markets, thus for good management of resources is very important. For titi shrimp fishery, the annual quota for each vessel is 500 tons, which can be caught during 235 effective fishing days.