New record! Argentina shrimp fishing ended in October 31st, the new high yield Chinese consumption of black hole filling

2017-10-26 15:02:17
According to the Argentina Department of fisheries data, this year's Argentina shrimp catch and record.
By the end of October 18th, Argentina total of 191447 tons of shrimp fishing, higher than last year is 13000 tons, and the distance of 31 days fishing deadline and half a month time.
Argentina shrimp production has been growing exponentially over the past 5 years. From 100670 tons in 2013 to 129103 tons in 2014, 142796 tons in 2015, 178454 tons in 2016, doubled in 5 years. In order to protect the Argentina shrimp fishery sustainable development, it also performs fishing measures strictly, especially on the development of fishery is observed in the month, the reproductive period has come.
Argentina red shrimp is relatively fresh and familiar varieties for Chinese people, it can be said that in recent years especially fermented electricity supplier, can be said to be a relatively high quality and inexpensive, both nutrition and taste of the explosion, big head. China's consumption has been increasing.
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in 2017, 1-6 months, its import volume has reached 54 thousand tons (data source ITC), 1/4 of its fishing capacity. But you know, the consumption of aquatic products in China is more than 30 million tons, and the consumption of crayfish reaches nearly one million tons, which is not far from the developed inland areas. Can be expected, Argentina shrimp that have certain understanding of the market niche products, prices should be an inevitable trend. For this kind of product discovery and resource control should be the focus of attention in the industry.