The price of raw materials is beginning to fall, and the shortage of Vietnamese fish in Pakistan can be alleviated

2017-12-20 09:37:59
Christmas holidays in Europe and the United States are coming, the stocking is long over, and the New Year holiday and Spring Festival are drawing near. The peak of consumption is now one to two months, but the merchant's stocking time is almost over. There is also a lot of uncertainty about whether the raw material prices of the fish will fall back in time. In the future, the price of the fish and the supply and demand situation, all the big businesses are also holding a wait-and-see attitude.
The traditional U.S. and European markets are not fake, but the rise of Latin American and Asian markets will inject new vitality into the fish industry. There are conflicting accounts of the time when raw materials and prices will fall back next year, but only after the Chinese lunar New Year.
The price of tilapia in Vietnam has not changed significantly this week, relatively stable.